Monday, June 2, 2014

Blood type B Diets

Once again, I need to begin by stating I don’t believe in nor do I define diets like most Americans do. What I believe in is a way a person should eat every day. I have become a strong believer in the notion that our blood type can have a significant role in telling us what we should be eating. If you recall “A” type people have low acid in their stomach and small intestines so eating red meats should not be of high priority. Fruits and vegetables should be top on their list. Why? Because their bodies can efficiently use those foods to give them the strength and energy they need everyday. Now I am not saying that they cannot have red meats but what I am saying is that it should not be a priority or a main course.
Now there is “B” type blood. These people are much different than both A and O type people and because of that, can be susceptible to different diseases as well as how they generate their energy. Type B blood does not do well with corn (nobody does actually), wheat, buckwheat (remember the Little Rascals), lentils, tomatoes, peanuts and sesame seeds. Why? Because for their bodies to efficiently metabolize each one of these foods, it has to work twice as hard which spikes our sugar levels, which in turn, once those levels come down, we will crash (a feeling of total fatigue). Another type of food that Type B people should reduce in their diet is chicken. Chicken contains a Blood Type B agglutinating lectin in its muscle tissue. Although chicken for the most part is a lean meat (I guess some have just not had southern barbecue), this lectin can cause havoc in the blood stream of a type B person. By eating these things in your diet, it can lead to weight gain and many other more serious issues.
Things that we should be consuming as a type B are as follows: green vegetables, eggs, beneficial meats (goat, lamb, venison, rabbit, lean ground beef), and low fat dairy but watch the dairy you consume, so much of it has an abundance of estrogen in it. This is important because, well, too much estrogen in a man’s diet can cause physical issues. When these foods replace the ones in the previous paragraph, weight control, more energy and greater overall strength can be achieved much easier.
My next blog will be on Blood type AB.

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