Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Do we need supplements in our lives

So in the end the question still remains, do we all really need supplements and vitamins? Is there a point in our lives those supplements are essential? The answer is maybe. Depending on who you are and how active you are and how old you are will depend on whether or not you should be supplementing your diet with additional vitamins and supplements. As an example women in their 20’s should be supplementing their diet with Folic Acid (vitamin B). This is because they are in their child bearing years and this vitamin plays a very important role in child fetal development. Men in their 20’s, in my own opinion, if they are eating right and abstaining from those things that can have a negative effect on their bodies, all they need to do is eat a proper diet. For both men and women in their 30’s they should be consuming an additional dose of vitamins C and E because those vitamins will help them fight the development of cataracts and macular degeneration. This will set them up for better vision and better muscular tone later on in life. Yes, what we do when we are young will have an effect on what happens to us when we are older. Men and women in their 40’s need to begin to take extra doses of vitamin D and B12. As we get older our body cannot make Vitamin D as regularly as it did when we were younger and by this time in our lives we have screwed up our diet so badly that B12 will help us with absorption and overall energy. Here is the problem however, when we are in our 20’s, especially at age 21, we begin thinking that we are adults and have the RIGHT to consume alcohol. By doing this, even as our bodies are trying to get strong, we are inhibiting them from reaching their full potential. Women are having babies that are premature or way under weight. Men are, well, looking that they are about ready to give birth any minute. Yes, when we are young our bodies are more resilient, however at some point we will pay for the sins we have committed and that happens later in our 40’s and 50’s. In our 60’s and above supplements begin to play an important role in our everyday life because of the minerals and vitamins our body cannot create or needs help supplying for purposes of everyday energy. For an example ATP in our muscles as we get old is depleted and is vital to the consistency and strength or our muscular system. Our body, as we get older, makes less of it, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need it any more, we still need it and as we get older, even more than when we were younger. Protein drinks such as Quadplex and supplements such as BM&C (Bone, muscle and cartilage support) are very important in replacing what the body is no longer making on its own. The problem all starts with our diet and no amount of supplements or vitamins can cover the sins we are causing. Milwaukee has a week where, every year, many people go down to the lake front and consume foods where, well, I wouldn’t think about giving my worst enemy. They are just not bad for you, they can be deadly. The cholesterol alone that a person WILL get from eating those foods WILL clog their arteries and WILL cause heart attacks, strokes and major obesity (oh it’s done that already). There is no doubt about it. We need to start eating right when we are young especially in our 20’s when we are beginning to make life choices and everything we do will have a definite effect on our future health. By doing that our quality of life, in later years, will be so much better and your body will thank us for it.