Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Born to be Big

I just read an article from Newsweek that I want to bring to your attention. Here is the issue according to this article: Is early exposure to common chemicals the problem on why our kids (4 months and younger)are getting fat or being born fat.

This very lengthy article goes on to say that "the prevalence of obesity in infants under 6 months has risen 73 percent since 1980." It then goes onto says according to Robert Lustig of the University of California that "it (infant obesity) poses a problem for conventional explanations of the fattening of America. Since they're eating only formula or breast milk, and never exactly got a lot of exercise, the obvious explanations for obesity doesn't work for babies, You have to look beyond the obvious."

This article goes on to site other well learned scientist and there thoughts on this subject. Reth Newbold of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) in North Carolina states, "Exposure to environmental chemicals during development may be contributing to the obesity epidemic." Her argument was that "you eat no more than your skinny friend, and exercise no less, yet you are still unable to shed pounds."

There are many other arguments that are given for chemicals being the culprit to our obesity problem but here are my thoughts.

Whereas I can believe that chemicals do and have an impact on our health I don't believe that it is the only culprit. The bottom line here is that we are lazy Americans. We eat the wrong foods at the wrong time for the wrong reasons and then don't exercise. We use excuses like our work-life, or a sick relative (immediate family), or we mentally use our own physical issues from doing something to get our bodies moving.

Now don't get me wrong I am not saying that everyone needs to go out a run 5 miles a day and eat rabbit food washed down with 8oz water. But what I am saying is that we as adults have settled for second best in our lives and where it is showing ultimately is in our children. We are fatter thus they become fatter. Did you know that if you are a smoker that the likelihood of your children experimenting with it is 100%? Did you know that the alcohol you drink will someday also be drunk by your lovely children? Who do we blame then? Yes, they may be old enough to make their own decisions, but what example did we give them to follow? Yes, "the sins of the father will visit the son".
I remember watching a program on TV where a mother was suing a school district because of a letter her daughter (who was in HS) got in reference to her daughter's health. You see the school was taking an initiative to help their obesity problem by spotting those children that need help in that area and trying to help them. When the girl received the letter of course before she got home she opened it and read it and then cried when she got home. The mother was upset at the school stating that her daughter had the potential of being Obese. The mother was outraged and went to sue the school system. What made this report funny to me was that when they showed pictures of the mother and daughter next to each other, SHE WAS A SPLITTING IMAGE OF HER MOTHER! The question you should ask was is the mother upset at the letter about her daughter or was she upset that the mirror was turned to her and she was embarrassed for the position she put her daughter in by their way of living. I don't know the answer to that question.

In summation whereas I do believe that chemicals have had an effect on our health but I don't believe that it is the "means to and end". We need to stop looking for excuses on our short comings and just get it done. Start eating right and stop using our busy lives as a crutch. Get out and exercise at least 30 minutes a day. Yes rain or shine. 30 minutes will not hurt you. Get out of your comfort zone (God bless America) and get it done. Look for opportunities to exercise instead of opportunities to sit on your butts and complain while eating cookies and ice cream. Trust me it will make a world of difference in our kids and articles like this one will not be written.