Monday, June 30, 2014

You think that walking your dog is enough

Well maybe you have been doing that for a long time… How’s it working for you? Lose any weight? Lose any inches? Feel better about your physical conditioning?
In my block there are two women that I see everyday walking their little tiny dogs. If these dogs are as big as my left foot I would be shocked. One day one of them stops me in the street and asks me what she needed to do to get in better shape. You see both of them could stand to lose about 50 pounds. Well I asked her what she had been doing and she told me that every morning she goes out for a walk with her dog and friend. After listening to her for a few minutes I told her that I understood that she was thinking she was exercising but in essence she was exercising her mouth more than her body. I would see her talking up a storm and making frequent stops for Fighto to tinkle.
The problem with using Fighto as your excuse to go out and “exercise” is that Fighto probably makes frequent stops to relieve himself. What this does is never get your heart rate up to a point where the exercise you are doing is beneficial for your cardiovascular system. Studies have shown that the average person does not begin to perspire for 12-15 minutes. If Fighto is stopping every 2 minutes to smell that latest flower or relieve himself, how can you get that heart rate up and then hold it there for 15 minutes. Yes, for exercise to be truly beneficial you must hold that heart rate up for 30 minutes at a constant pace. Once that heart rate gets up to its maximum (which is about 120bpm for the average person) then when it naturally comes down there is where the results are.
If you ever want to measure how fit you are, it is actually in the way your body recovers not how hard you push. The quicker your body recovers after interval training the better conditioned you are. After a hard interval, if your heart rate comes down relatively quickly, within 30 seconds, back to normal to start again then you are in really good condition. If after a hard workout it takes you hours to recover, well then you have work to do.
The human body is wonderfully made. The harder we push it, the more it compensates for the stress. The harder we challenge it, the more it responds in a positive manner. Don’t be afraid to leave Fighto home for a few minutes and go for a run or a real fast walk. Your body will thank you and you may just lose a few inches and get in better shape.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

25 reasons why we may not lose weight

Here is a list I have compiled referring to the reasons why a person cannot lose weight and then their ability to keep that weight they have lost off.

1) You don’t drink enough water
2) You think walking your dog is enough
3) You over eat healthy foods
4) You only do cardio
5) You exercise on an empty stomach
6) Your partner is not on the same page as you
7) You leave out entire food groups
8) You don’t sleep enough
9) You don’t get enough veggies
10) You eat while standing up
11) You really don’t value your health enough to make it your top priority
12) You hang around overweight people
13) You hang around skinny people
14) You’re on a diet all the time
15) You’re addicted to toppings and extras
16) You don’t eat three square meals especially lunch
17) You don’t practice portion control
18) You eat without thinking
19) You drink too much soda
20) You don’t eat enough
21) You don’t leave time for fun
22) You are always eating out
23) You never indulge
24) You eat the wrong post workout meals
25) You lose your focus and drive for success

Over the next 25 weeks I will be visit each one of these reasons and giving you my opinion on why I think they are valid or not so valid. So let’s just start with number 1 right now.
• You don’t drink enough water.
There are some valid points to this. Too many of us think of soda or beer as a substitute to the purest form of liquid there is and that is water. Our body needs this substance to flush out and clean out our system. Water also dilutes any foreign matter that may harm us in some way. The average person drinks more carbonated beverages than just plain water and this is one of the factors on why we have the health problems we have today. Our body can only go without water for 3 days before we start to shut down.
Now with that said, I know that there are people that just cannot drink water in its purest form. I know because I am one of them. I cannot drink just plain water and especially in the morning hours. So what is the alternative? Well it is not soda or alcohol but what I do is add just a little pure sugar to it. This gives the water a little taste and it doesn’t upset my stomach.
Now I can get really scientific on you here but what would be the point. The issue is that we drink too much bubbly stuff and not enough of that life sustaining liquid call water. If we began to drink more of that it would really help our bodies out and we may just lose a few inches as a bonus.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Dear Kevin

Dear Kevin,
I just want you to know that I really appreciate the effort you put forth in trying to keep me healthy and fit. I know that sometimes it seems as though you are spinning your wheels but you are not and thank you for your efforts.
By what you have done it allows me to fight off colds and foreign matter that may try and present itself into your system. Allergies are non-existent. Because you are so diligent in your exercise it allows me to keep your blood vessels clean and clear and this allows me to reduce your heart rate in a big way. Because of your consistent working out it allows me to keep control of your other systems. I don’t have to work so hard every day to keep you alive.
Thank you for not putting poisons in your body. Just fighting the daily foreign bodies is hard enough, now when you add poisons such and tobacco and alcohol into the mix, it makes my job of keeping all your systems working properly twice as hard. Thank you so much.
I know that it could be real easy to quit what you do and join the rank and file but in the end, because of your diligence, I can give you the best quality of life possible. I can give you the ability to do anything you would like. I can give you the ability to try and succeed at so many things that others just cannot dream of doing. Your age biologically is at least 20 years younger than your chronological and it stays at a constant.
Doesn’t it feel great that when you go to a beach or a pool you can relax and not worry about who’s looking at you? Doesn’t it feel great to be able to climb just not one floor but 25 to 50 floors and not get tired or out of breath? Didn’t it feel go to be able to teach your kids how to ride their bikes and how to run as fast as they do? Doesn’t it feel good to know that your wife is not embarrassed to tell her friends that you are her husband? Doesn’t it feel good to see that your children are just as fit as you and there are no lingering health issues with any of them?
You have set an example that your children will follow for the rest of their lives. What you do your kids see and will follow in their later years. Who you are today… your kids will someday be. Thank you Kevin for everything you have done.

Your Body

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Misleading again.....

A friend was watching television the other day and asked me a question about a statement Dr Oz made on one of his shows. Dr Oz stated that if a person wanted to lose weight and rev up their metabolism all they had to do is put their hands on hips, stand tall and feet shoulder width apart. I watched him do this stance and then I said, “So how’s it working?” He looked at me and said, “He’s misleading me again?” my response, “Yup”.
I really am getting sick and tired of this so called doctor misleading the public. If I mislead the public as much as him I could not sleep at night. I understand that congress just tore him a new one a few weeks ago. Well, now is my turn.
Dr Oz, and I use that term really lightly, I think that you really have only one thing on your mind, making as much money as you possibly can. You don’t really care about the health of others or you would be more careful about what you put on the air. Just because it may seem like the flavor of the day does not make it right. Just because it may seem like it is cutting edge doesn’t make it right to spread thru the media. How can you say that if a person eats a specific food that they could lose tons of weight? That is a big lie on so many levels. The food we eat is there for the purpose of fueling our bodies and nothing more. It is our activity that helps us lose weight and get us healthy.
Dr Oz, you are a con artist. You tell lies to people and give them false hope and security. I wonder about your morals and if you truly know right from wrong, the truth from lies. You cannot be trusted nor should you be trusted. In this great country of ours, yes we do have the right to say anything thru freedom of expression and freedom of speech. But does that give any one person the right to lie to the public? You spread many false truths and give false hope to the needy. You, in effect, steal people’s money by giving them false hope in the products that you endorse and sell.
I have been a Certified Personal trainer for over ten years now and I have always looked up to the medical community and I must say you, to me, are nothing more than a clown. If I needed to have surgery for an illness and you were the only surgeon available and the only one that could do the surgery, I would rather die first then let you near me.
Do you not do your own research? Do you really believe everything you say? Do you hear everything you are saying? I know that it is great to be on the cutting edge of new and innovative ideas, but what you are conveying to your audience is just not, well, it’s a big lie.
There are people that are so desperate to believe in something that they will follow every word that comes out of your so called PhD mouth. This is not time to lie or tell half truths, but to give them something that is going to benefit them into their future. You can have such a great influence on so many in a positive way, why are you killing it by spreading lies. I could give you examples of the lies that you have told but this letter would read like a novel and that is not my point, you know what lies you have told.
You say you do research, but where is it based and what is your population size and is that population size big enough to really make a good conclusions.
As an example, by putting your hands on your hips, you cannot raise your metabolism. Where the heck did you get that? Really? Drinking Green Bean Coffee Extract will not help you reduce weight. Do I have to give you a lesson in the real purpose of food? Is it only about making money with you? I believe it is and that you will do and say whatever you need to in order to make the millions you want to make. I would ask how you sleep at night but I already know that answer.
Dr. Oz I am calling you out to a debate. I only have a BS degree from Rutgers University but enough is enough. I dear you to debate me on the topic of weight loss and what it really takes to just not get off that unwanted weight but to keep it off for life. I dear you to debate me! However, I don’t think you will because in the end all you are is phony and mere shell of a man. DEBATE ME!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Type AB blood diet

Type AB blood is one of the rarest types of blood that exists today. Less than 5 percent of the population actually have this blood type. People with AB blood share a lot of the characteristics of people with either A type or B type blood. This person lacks enough stomach acid to metabolize meats so for the most part any meat that is eaten is stored as fat in the system somewhere. Type AB people also have the same insulin reaction as B type people have when they eat lima beans, corn, buck wheat, or sesame seeds. Inhibited insulin production results in hypoglycemia, a lowering of blood sugar after meals and leads to fewer metabolisms of the foods we consume.

AB people should avoid Alcohol and caffeine at all costs especially when dealing in stressful situations. Once again AB people have both A and B characteristics in them. For AB people their stomach is much more sensitive to acquiring stomach cancer due to the consumption of alcohol and caffeine. The best foods that AB people should be eating are vegetables, seafood, fruit and some types of dairy. These foods should be the majority of their daily diet. Now this is not to say that they cannot have meats or chicken. they should and can have these things however, in smaller quantities. It is best to have smaller quantities than to have large portions because this way it gives the stomach time to digest what they have consumed.

I have a member that for several years I have been working with. After her initial weight loss, it just seemed that we were making no progress. Everything she did seemed to have no effect on her losing of weight. One day, a few months ago, I asked her the $1,000,000 question, “what is your blood type?” and when she told me she was AB the light went on in my head and we began the process of changing her eating habits. Not to bore you with the details, after changing her diet to higher fruits and veggies and lower meats and starch, she told me that she began to feel more energy and I began to notice that she could finish all the workouts. I noticed an energy in her that did not exist just a few weeks prior. Now, several months later, she is down an additional 40 pounds and she tells me that she feels great. Her goal weight has been met and she is now working on achieving other things outside of that.

Is your blood type AB? Then you have rear blood and the diets that most Americans can eat, you should not. This is not to say that you can have a good steak or hamburger now and then, but what it states is that the steak or hamburger should not be the major part of the diet. I know that some of you are thinking that I am trying to be the party pooper, but I am not, I am trying to free you from all the issues we all have by eating the wrong stuff. I am trying to free you from diabetes, high blood pressure, High cholesterol, Obesity, heart disease, etc.

A person goes to the doctor and tells the doctor that they have a problem with their stomach. After the doctor gives them several tests they conclude that it is a specific food that they are eating. You thank the doctor for their help and they leave. Several weeks later they find yourself back in the doctor’s office complaining about the same issue. The doctor than takes further tests and comes up with the same findings. They thank them and walk away. Several weeks later they find themselves back in the doctor’s office complaining about the same thing and once again more tests and the same diagnosis. They thank them and walk out. Several weeks later they decide to go to another doctor with the same problem and still they tell them the same thing. Over this time period, what really has been accomplished? In a nut shell they have made the doctors richer and they still have the same problem that if they had followed the doctor’s advice the first time, would have saved them all those other trips. Think about it.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Blood type B Diets

Once again, I need to begin by stating I don’t believe in nor do I define diets like most Americans do. What I believe in is a way a person should eat every day. I have become a strong believer in the notion that our blood type can have a significant role in telling us what we should be eating. If you recall “A” type people have low acid in their stomach and small intestines so eating red meats should not be of high priority. Fruits and vegetables should be top on their list. Why? Because their bodies can efficiently use those foods to give them the strength and energy they need everyday. Now I am not saying that they cannot have red meats but what I am saying is that it should not be a priority or a main course.
Now there is “B” type blood. These people are much different than both A and O type people and because of that, can be susceptible to different diseases as well as how they generate their energy. Type B blood does not do well with corn (nobody does actually), wheat, buckwheat (remember the Little Rascals), lentils, tomatoes, peanuts and sesame seeds. Why? Because for their bodies to efficiently metabolize each one of these foods, it has to work twice as hard which spikes our sugar levels, which in turn, once those levels come down, we will crash (a feeling of total fatigue). Another type of food that Type B people should reduce in their diet is chicken. Chicken contains a Blood Type B agglutinating lectin in its muscle tissue. Although chicken for the most part is a lean meat (I guess some have just not had southern barbecue), this lectin can cause havoc in the blood stream of a type B person. By eating these things in your diet, it can lead to weight gain and many other more serious issues.
Things that we should be consuming as a type B are as follows: green vegetables, eggs, beneficial meats (goat, lamb, venison, rabbit, lean ground beef), and low fat dairy but watch the dairy you consume, so much of it has an abundance of estrogen in it. This is important because, well, too much estrogen in a man’s diet can cause physical issues. When these foods replace the ones in the previous paragraph, weight control, more energy and greater overall strength can be achieved much easier.
My next blog will be on Blood type AB.