Thursday, June 26, 2014

25 reasons why we may not lose weight

Here is a list I have compiled referring to the reasons why a person cannot lose weight and then their ability to keep that weight they have lost off.

1) You don’t drink enough water
2) You think walking your dog is enough
3) You over eat healthy foods
4) You only do cardio
5) You exercise on an empty stomach
6) Your partner is not on the same page as you
7) You leave out entire food groups
8) You don’t sleep enough
9) You don’t get enough veggies
10) You eat while standing up
11) You really don’t value your health enough to make it your top priority
12) You hang around overweight people
13) You hang around skinny people
14) You’re on a diet all the time
15) You’re addicted to toppings and extras
16) You don’t eat three square meals especially lunch
17) You don’t practice portion control
18) You eat without thinking
19) You drink too much soda
20) You don’t eat enough
21) You don’t leave time for fun
22) You are always eating out
23) You never indulge
24) You eat the wrong post workout meals
25) You lose your focus and drive for success

Over the next 25 weeks I will be visit each one of these reasons and giving you my opinion on why I think they are valid or not so valid. So let’s just start with number 1 right now.
• You don’t drink enough water.
There are some valid points to this. Too many of us think of soda or beer as a substitute to the purest form of liquid there is and that is water. Our body needs this substance to flush out and clean out our system. Water also dilutes any foreign matter that may harm us in some way. The average person drinks more carbonated beverages than just plain water and this is one of the factors on why we have the health problems we have today. Our body can only go without water for 3 days before we start to shut down.
Now with that said, I know that there are people that just cannot drink water in its purest form. I know because I am one of them. I cannot drink just plain water and especially in the morning hours. So what is the alternative? Well it is not soda or alcohol but what I do is add just a little pure sugar to it. This gives the water a little taste and it doesn’t upset my stomach.
Now I can get really scientific on you here but what would be the point. The issue is that we drink too much bubbly stuff and not enough of that life sustaining liquid call water. If we began to drink more of that it would really help our bodies out and we may just lose a few inches as a bonus.

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