Thursday, April 3, 2014

Giving Up?

Giving up
Have you given up? Are you giving up?
Just the other day I had a member come into my office and tell me that the large sweat shirt I gave him was too small. He wanted to get an extra large shirt now. At first I was going to give it to him but then I remember, just a year ago he was complaining about his diabetes and that fact that he had to lose some weight and that he was sick and tired of wearing XL’s. What happened? Well in a nut shell, he lost the weight and his medications were reduced and he was feeling good, so little by little his OLD life style began to creep back into the picture. Now he is drinking those beers and soda’s again and over eating just like he did just a year and a half ago.
I asked him to sit down and just as he did that, the excuses began to fly. Everything from hereditary issues to family issues however, the best excuse he gave me was…he was content with being the way he was. I sat back and took a deep breath, as my blood pressure began to rise I got up and went to my closet and took out a XXXL and handed it to him. He looked puzzled and stated, “I wanted a XL not a XXXL.” He began to hand it back and I pulled my hand back and refused to take it from him. I stated, “Why stop at an XL. Soon enough the XL will be too small so let’s not play games here and just go to finished product.” I then wished him a good day and turned my chair around and got back onto my computer.
Ten minutes later he comes storming into my office, “You are a piece of work! Give me my large back! You are right, I was giving up. I have come so far and I have gone back to a lot of my old ways and I need to get back on track. You are right.” I turned around handed his old shirt back to him, took him out to the floor and had a great workout.
Are you giving up and just don’t realize it. Have you gone back to those old bigger cloths thinking that they are just more comfortable? Think about the consequences of you going back to your old habits. Is it really worth it? Think about it.