Sunday, March 29, 2009

The 12 hour challenge

Then on Friday night the challengers had a life changing challenge, one that they will never forget as long as they live. From Friday night at 9pm till Saturday morning 9am they had a 12 hour challenge. In this challenge they did everything from Aerobic classes to step classes. They went for walks around the lake. They did circuit training. They did treadmill work and bike work and at about the 10th hour Mark Skumatz comes in and has them do his famous Medicine Ball Class. Yes they were not just a little tired but really tired.

The purpose of this challenge was not physical but mental. It is now time for the challengers to go to another level in their thinking about their lifestyle changes. This was the time. The excuses have to stop. They are half done and time is running out.
Special thanks go out to Mark Skumatz, Jodi Hoffman, Kathy McCann, Sue Dix, Vicky Brinkmann, Jill Glassey, and both trainers Heidi Hilgendorf and Sally Cianciolo for all of their hard work and effort. Good job guys, you have bettered many people’s lives because of what you have done.

after 12 hours, not bad….

The Water Challenge and the 12 hour Challenge

Well this week at WLC was packed with a lot of challenges for the Weight Loss Challengers. On Wednesday we went to Country Springs and had a water challenge.

They had to run up 200 steps to the top floor (about 4 stories) and slide down a water slide. Once thru the slide they then had to navigate thru the lazy river 8 times and run that course 8 times. In the end the person who did it in the fastest time was the winner. Rick was the winner in a fast time of 7 minutes 32 seconds following closely behind him was Josh at 8 minutes 13 seconds. Country springs gave those two challengers free water park passes for them and their family.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Indoor soccer

This week at the weight loss challenge was indoor soccer. Once again the blue team won but it was very close, very close. The final score was 7 blue and 6 red. No yellow or red cards were given out even though on player almost got one. They played 15 minutes half’s and now I think they have a better appreciation for those that play 25 minute half’s. Josh Foust was the MVP of the game. He scored 6 times and Steve Foust (his father) was Goal-keeper of the year by stopping countless shots on goal. Joe Tajnai also did some goal keeping and scored 1 goal for the blue team. Good job Blue team I know Heidi is proud of you.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Weight relay

Well the red team was back on top this week. In this relay, each team had three levels of weights that had to be lifted and carried 200 meters before handing off to their teammate. They were 25’s, 35’s and 45’s. All of these weights had to be used by each team twice and each person had to complete the whole course. Below are some pictures. Enjoy.

Talking about wanting it bad this lady and her trainer Heidi are walking down the hallway with 35 pounds in each hand. She has a blown ACL. Way to go.

Now Heidi has our youngest challenger and he has the 45,s.

Then there is the red team and here Sally is coaching her challengers to run with those 35”s and 45’s.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Heidi the trainer is proud of her people
THE BLUE TEAM WON! THE BLUE TEAM WON! THHHHHHHE BLUE TEAM WON! This last challenge was basketball and yes the blue team finally won a challenge. Their leading scorer Joe T. scored 15 points and was a presence in the middle. There was a lot of scrapping but in the end the blue team was victorious. The red team had 24 points and the blue team 30 points. Congrats to all.

Whatever it takes? The Red team still lost! What Foul!?