Friday, July 6, 2007

Life is short, Live every moment

I have heard from so many people that life is short and that we should live it to its fullest. I have heard from those same people that we never know how long we have to live so live everyday like it’s your last. I truly believe that we are to live each day to its fullest, but I also believe that we should not be foolish about it.

One of the most important things to us is our health and without that we truly have nothing. Obesity has skyrocketed which has caused high blood pressure, diabetes, knee problems (including replacements), high cholesterol, lower back issues, impotency, infidelity, divorce, and so many other things that it has surpassed what we would consider an alarming rates and is now almost becoming the norm for some families.

Guys, settling for the above paragraph is not even settling for second best, it is giving up altogether. Here is the problem as I see it. We as Americans want everything and with everything there is a consequence, good or bad. We now consider gluttony a contest and call those people who partake athletes (i.e. hot dog eating contest or brat eating contests). How stupid is that?! We look at our physical problems and blame the other guy instead of taking the responsibility for our stupidity.

The question here is this, what has gotten you to this point where, as I saw the other day, you are even afraid to get out of your car let alone your house because of your appearance? Don’t blame your parents or your friends but blame yourself for the decisions that you made up to this point. Now, with that understanding, what do you need to do to change? This is where the work comes in, and the answer is changing your lifestyle habits.

Here at Parker’s Place and on we give people every opportunity to succeed in changing their lifestyles. It is really up to you to do it. We will give you cardio workouts and weight training workouts as well as someone to talk to about your issues. We will do whatever it takes to help you change your life style. Look at your situation and ask yourself, is it conducive to me changing my habits or not. You see, once you begin to change your lifestyle habits, YOU WILL BECOME HEALTHIER. Yes, they all go hand in hand.