Sunday, January 31, 2010

anotner week at WLC

So here are the results in week three for the weigh-in: This is in order...

1) Dawn S on 1/9/10 weighed 299.0 on 1/30/10 she weighed 279 weight loss 20lbs(6.69%)
2) James B on 1/9/10 weighed 389.2 on 1/30/10 he weighed 364.8 weight loss 24.4lbs(6.27%)
3)Cindi Z on 1/9/10 weighed 230.6 on 1/30/10 she weighed 217.3 weight loss 13.4lbs(5.81%)
4) Rick A on 1/9/10 weighed 340.6 on 1/30/10 he weighed 321.2 weight loss 19.4lbs(5.70%)
5) Barb J on 1/9/10 weighed 231.4 on 1/30/10 she weighed 220.2 weight loss 11.2lbs(4.84%)
6) Bill W on 1/9/10 weighed 256.8 0n 1/30/10 he weighed 245.0 weighed loss 11.8lbs(4.60%)
7) Jayne S on 1/9/10 weighed 211.4 on 1.30/10 she weighed 201.8 weight loss 9.6lbs(4.54%)
8) Sue I on 1/9/10 weighed 246.8 on 1/30/10 she weighed 235.8 weight loss 11lbs(4.46%)
9) Vicki D on 1/9/10 weighed 208.0 on 1/30/10 she weighed 199.8 weight loss 8.6lbs(4.13%)
10) Ann S on 1/9/10 weighed 205.4 on 1/30/10 she weighed 197.0 weight loss 8.4lbs(4.09%)
11) Donna H on 1/9/10 weighed 197.4 on 1/30/10 she weighed 189.8 weight loss 7.6lbs(3.85%)
12) Lynn D on 1/9/10 weighed 249.2 on 1/30/10 she weighed 241 weight loss 8.2lbs(3.29%)
13) Amy R on 1/9/10 weighed 211.6 on 1/30/10 she weighed 205.4 weight loss 6.2lbs(2.39%)
14) Christy D on 1/9/10 weighed 196.8 on 1/30/10 she weighed 190.8 weight loss 5.2lbs(2.65%)
15) Gina S on 1/16/10 weighed 244.8 on 1/30/10 she weighed 239.4 weight loss 5.4lbs(2.21%)
16) Kay H on 1/9/10 weighed 256.8 on 1/30/10 she weighed 252.4 weight loss 4.4lbs(1.71%)
17)Michelle M on 1/9/10 weighed 238.2 on 1/30/10 she weighed 234.8 weight loss 3.4lbs(1.43%)

The rankings are done by percentage not weight. They are all doing well. This years weight loss challenge is about lifestyle changes more so than weight loss. The problem with people in America today is not the food we eat but when we eat, why we eat, and what we do before and after we eat. Think about it...

Midwest Regional Track and Field Championship

Well today I ran in the Midwestern Regional Championships. I ran the 60 meters, 200 meters and 400 meters and won all three events. This whole year I have been preparing for this meet and a fdew others. Over the next few months I will be in championship events concluding with the Masters Championships in Boston whre I have never won but the best I have done in 3rd in the 60 meters.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Weight loss communication

Kathy is seen here talking to a weight loss challenger. She was a past challenger and she, herself, lost 100 pounds during her time in the challenge. This year she is a trainer for them. Good job Kathy.

Weight Loss Step Class

Well, They had their first step class and they did well. Their workout consisted of 15 minutes of step, then 15 minutes of weights, then 15 minutes of step, then 15 minutes of weights. Thanks Vickie for leading the class. Tonight is their last chance workout before tomorrows weigh-in. IT WILL BE A BIG ONE. IF NOT TONIGHT... DEFINITLY TOMORROW. Stay tuned...

Monday, January 25, 2010

Being on the top

I was speaking to a friend today and her and I were very puzzled. What we can't figure out is what is wrong with today's youth. You see she was a past participant in the olympics chile basketball team and has been in sports her whole life. She has always preformed on a high level in everything she does. I am the same way. No, I did not make the chile basketball team(actually I suck at basketball) but I am a runner and everything I do I do with a purpose and at 150%.

Here is the problem as I see it. Our youth don't know what it takes to get them to be number one and successful in whatever endeavor they choose. It does not have to be in sports. It could be in a vocation and anything else. Our youth is lazy and there is only us to blame.

In the age of the computer, we have made our lives too comfortable and too many things at our finger tips. If the computer doesn't give us the answer in a nano second or our food (let's not even go there) isn't ready in less than 3 minutes we get pissed off and think something is wrong. We are teaching our youth to find the easy way out. I had someone ask me the other day what was the least amount they could do and still achieve their fitness goals. I looked at them and walk away. I did not want to say what I wanted to because they would have been very upset at my answer. But now that I am writing this... Let me tell you that if you try and get thru life doing as little as possible ... you will amount to NOTHING. You will live for a brief time... Get pissed off at the world because you will feel as though you are or were mistreated... and then die, and no one will know that you existed.

People want America to be nubmer one in everything. Well guys, I hate to tell you this but we are number one in very few catagories one of which I will is OBESITY. Shall I say any more? Are you proud of this? You may ask yourself where this obesity comes from. Well it comes from our laz-a-fair attitude about life and working to strive for something higher than average.

I had a conversation with my wife the other day about our children and the fact that I hold the bar very high in their lives. I expect them to do the very best in everything they do. My son, when he enterd the 7th grade, came home with his first report card. It was 7 A's and 1 B+. I looked at him and asked if this was the best he could do. Did he try his very best. He said "yes" to me so I accepted that and told him that this is where his bar is now. He placed it there and since then he has maintained it very well. All three of my kids are doing well and are very respected in the public eye because of it.

My wife has always lived by the notion that you try your very best but if you only get average grades it is OK. Of course if you read the first part of this you would know that I don't think that way. The problem with America today is that we think that average is OK. This is why we are failing in the field of medicine (there are more indian doctors than American ones. Just go to the hospitals and look at who is there). We are failing in sports (let's not mention what happened in the last olypmics or on the soccer field).

Guys, we need to step up to the plate and begin to take life serious again and start striving for excellence. Hold our kids to a higher standard and dont' accept excuses any more and then ond day our kids will see there success and catch the fire.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Weigh In on 1/22/2010

This week went very well. Everyone worked very hard last week and it showed in the numbers. Now please remember what we are looking for at The Weight Loss Challenge is consistancy and long term goal planning. We really don't care if someone loses 15 pounds in a week but we applaud that person who loses 1 to 2 pounds each week and can consistantly keep it off and better their health because of it. Here are the results of this week.

* Rick A lost 1.6 pounds this week and his 2 week total is 15 pounds
* James B Lost 7.8 pounds this week and his 2 week total is 17.6 pounds
* Vicki P Lost .2 pounds this week and her 2 week total is 5 pounds
* Lynn D lost 2 pounds this week and her 2 week total is 6.2 pounds
* Christy D lost .8 pounds this week and her 2 week total is 4.2 pounds
* Donna H lost 3.8 pounds this week and her 2 week total is 6.8 pounds
* Kay H gained .6 pounds this week and her 2 week total is 2 pounds
* Sue I lost 2.2 pounds this week and her 2 week total is 8.0 pounds
* Barb J lost 2.2 pounds this week and her 2 week total is 7.8 pounds
* Michelle M lost 3 pounds this week and her 2 week total is 4.2 pounds
* Amy R lost 5 pounds this week and her 2 week total is 9.2 pounds
* Dawn S lost 4 pounds this week and her 2 week total is 11.6 pounds
* Jayne S lost 1.4 pounds this week and her 2 week total is 5.8 pounds
* Gina S lost 3.6 pounds this week and her 1 week total is 3.6 pounds (first one)
* Ann S lost 1.4 pounds this week and her 2 week total is 5.2 pounds
* Bill W lost 5.4 pounds this week and his 2 week total is 6.6 pounds
* Cindi Z lost 1.8 pounds this week and her 2 week total is 8.8 pounds

The big winners this week by percentage of initial body weight are:
1) Amy R at 2.41%
2) Bill W at 2.11%
3) James B at 2.06%

The overrall winners so far are:
1) James B at 4.52%
2) Rick A at 4.40%
3) Amy R at 4.35%

Congrats to all and let's keep up the work. Remember it is consistancy you should strive for.

Second challenge for the weight loss challenge

This week was a relay. There were three teams of 5 people and the ladies were to go around the 160 meter track twice and the men 3 times. Only the first leg had to run in lanes for the first lap then they could break into the first lane. This year there is no red team or blue team. They are all one team. So I broke them up into 3 seperate teams. Here is the kicker. They were not allowed to run. They could walk as fast as they could but they were not allowed to run. This relay was done twice. In the end they all got a good workout.

I also want to thank the last years weight loss challenge people for helping me make this a great time for all. Thanks guys.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Second week for Aurora Health Clinic

I feel so blessed to have both Aurora and Pro Health coming along side Parkers Place and sending me their members to help them get fit. This week with aurora here are the weigh-in results:

Please remember that this is a 12 week program. Their total loss this week is 54.9 pounds. The average weight loss this week was 4.9 pounds. Pretty good guys.

Second week at WLC

Ok so this wee was a really good week for all of the challengers. In the end we have 17 people. That is an excellent start and I am looking forward to changing some lives. Here are the numbers for the first week:

Rick started 340.6 and is now 327.2 for a loss of 13.4 pounds
James started 389.2 and is now 379.4 for a loss of 9.8 pounds
Vicki started 208.0 and is now 203.2 for a loss of 4.8 pounds
Lynn started 249.2 and is now 245.0 for a loss of 4.2 pounds
Christy started 196.0 and is now 192.6 for a loss of 3.4 pounds
Donna started 197.4 and is now 194.4 for a loss of 3.0 pounds
Kay started 256.8 and is now 241.0 for a loss of 5.8 pounds
Sue started 246.8 and is now 241 for a loss of 5.8 pounds
Barb started 231.4 and is now 225.8 for a loss of 5.6 pounds
Michelle started 238.2 and is now 237.0 for a loss of 1.2 pounds
Amy started 211.6 and is now 207.4 for a loss of 4.2 pounds
Dawn started 299.0 and is now 291.4 for a loss of 7.6 pounds
Jayne started 211.4 and is now 207.0 for a loss of 4.4 pounds
Gina is new and weighed in for the first time at 244.8 stay tuned!!
Ann started 205.4 and is now 201.6 for a loss of 3.8 pounds
Bill started 256.8 and is now 255.6 for a loss of 1.2 pounds
Cindi started 230.6 and is now 223.6 for a loss of 7 pounds

In total for the first week they lost 82 pounds! Average weight loss of 5.125% for the first week. Their life changing has now begun. Wish them well.

Friday, January 15, 2010

We find time for those things that are important to us.

A man once told me that he could not find the time nor resources to get themselves in any good shape. He stated he was too busy with work and life. The next day I saw him in Best Buy purchasing a 50 inch plasma for his rec-room. Help me here guys, he can’t afford a $65 membership to get himself healthy but he can get a $3000 TV to entertain himself. This was the same guy who, in church asked for prayer for his failing health and the medication his doctor was putting him on.
Every day we have to make choices. Some are easy and some are hard. But every choice has a consequence. Our health should be our first choice. The problem as I see it is that we are lazy and don’t want to put the effort forth to maintain good health. It is much easier to take medication and complain then it is to do something about it. The question should be, what would it take to reverse that thinking? The answer is in the next paragraph below.
Ask yourself this question, why do you work for a living? Most of us would say, to support our families and you would be right. However really think about why you work for a living. When you think about it, it is to support the life-style you are accustomed to. The goal for working is to accumulate as much money as possible to support your life style. If you had all the money you needed, YOU WOULD NOT WORK. Ok so the goal is good life style and the means (Mechanism) to getting there is working .
Now let’s look at our health. Everyone wants good health but they just don’t know how to achieve it. Well you have to goal set. Ask yourself this question, what is the end result? It is good health is a good life style just as working out is the mechanism to get there. You can’t use weight as a goal because that is like the money in the bank. Some days you will have a lot of money and be happy (lower weight) and some days you will not have a lot of money in the bank (heavier weight) and not be happy. You need to get your eyes off the weight and put it on something more visual and let the weight just by the by-product of your efforts. This in the end will lead to great health and a more consistent lifestyle change.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

training the trainers

Training the trainers. I am glad that they are here.It is great to share ideas and learn new ones. These guys are really cool and they have given me a new perspective on the winter sports. Thanks guys I hope I helped you out too. Enjoy the workout 300 workout video and share it with everyone.

Here is the Weight loss challenge spin class. Joni Hoffman is instructing them. I heard it was a good class.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

WLC 2010 Weight Loss Challenge

So here we are again...and this years class is here all 3721.6 pounds of them. Wish them luck. In six months they WILL look much different. Check it out 25 more weeks to go then their life begins. Success is achieved one step at a time.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Todays youth... what is wrong with them

Well this saturday was the first track meet of the season for me and I think I did pretty well. I did not run in the masters catagory but in a D3 colloge meet. These guys are 18 tp 22 maybe 23 years old and to say the least I was very discouraged at the times I was seeing. It just seems as though the "eye for prefection" does seem to be around any more. I have noticed that there are may people over 40 competing with their sons and daughters and just not competing with them well but beating them. What do we need to do to get our youth to realize that they need to step up to the plate? Help me with this one guys. help me.