Saturday, October 11, 2014

The final equation

Just the other day I had someone come into my office and tell me that due to the fact that a specific weight loss clinic was cancelling their Wednesday class and moving it to Thursdays, they were not going to be able to make Thursdays exercising anymore. I thought about that and after knocking it around in my head I want to share my response with you all.

My question to her was, “If I understand you proper, do to the fact that _____ has changed their hours of operations because of lack of participation, you feel as though you need to switch your exercise regiment to compensate for the change in their schedule. Do I have that right?” and she stated that I was right? So I asked her the following:

“What was the initial purpose for joining that organization and what purpose does it serve now?” Her answer was as follows:

“They have taught me how to eat and in proper portion sizes and for the past several years I have taken those lessons and applied them to my life. Now they are just more of a support group but I seem to be the only one going lately.”

Then there was silence in the room and she looked at me waiting for my response. It must have been quite for several seconds and then I stated, “Well then, let me ask you a question. What is the purpose of food? What does it do for us?” She answered the question right by stating that food is a fuel that gives us the energy to do what we do. Then I stated, “So can I say that not eating is out of the question?” (Laughter). “We know that if we don’t eat we will die so we need food, however, the missing part of the equation for so many is not as much the food as it is with what we do with the fuel we have consumed. Most do nothing but just consume more. They will eat and then think that if they eat ‘healthier’ (whatever that means) they will ultimately lose weight. Regardless if we eat healthier or not it won’t matter. It is still fuel and the body will just save it if not used. Are you getting my drift?”

She thought about it for a second and then agreed.

Guys, we have the equation wrong on so many levels. The food we eat will not make us thinner or in better shape. However the activity we do daily will. The food we consume will only give use the fire we need to get going. The activity we do will burn the food we have consumed. For my math majors out there if:

X= proper food
Y=proper activity
Z= healthy living

Then X-Y=Z. Look at it this way, for us to have healthy living “Z” has to always equal “0”. If we are trying to lose weight then we need to increase “Y” and decrease “X” so that the final number still equals zero. If we increase “X” then we will need to increase “Y” to counter act the effects of “X”. Are you getting it yet? Once you do, all the eating sensation programs in the world will not matter. My next blog will be on #16 of why we cannot lose weight and it is we don’t eat 3 square meals a day.