Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Giver or Taker

Are you a giver or taker?
Most people think that they are givers, however most really are not. Here is a few quick questions that if you answer them honestly will tell you who you are.
1) When someone gives you something, a gift or a compliment, do you think you have to reciprocate or do you just thank them and move on?
2) In the middle of your day, when you are at your busiest, is your spouse or significant other ever on your mind?
3) Do you feel as though you are entitled to be taken care of and pampered?
4) Do you ever ask yourself, what can I do to make another person happy or satisfied?
5) Do you ask yourself, what can that other person do to make you satisfied?
6) Have you ever sent a simple text to the person in your life, “Just wanted to say hello” and expect nothing back?
7) Have you ever surprised another person (throwing a party in their honor, drawing a bath, fixing dinner, etc) and gotten satisfaction from just their response? And expect nothing in return?
8) Are you the first one or the last one to eat at the table?
9) If there is only enough food for one of you, do you fight over it or do you just give it to your companion or friend because you feel as though their needs are if not as important as yours, they are more important than yours?
Now, I am not referring to parent to child relationship, but I am referring to husband to wife or boyfriend to girlfriend. I have asked a number of older aged couples these questions and I have found out that those that have been married a long time (30+ years) are both givers in their relationships.
What are you? Be honest with yourself.

#14 You are always on a diet

You’re on a diet all the time
Webster defines diets as a special course of food to which one restricts oneself, either to lose weight or for medical reasons. Here are some known facts about dieting;
1) Diets do not work in the long term
2) Diets only restrict you from eating certain foods that ultimately you will end up eating again and gaining all the weight you had lost while on that diet.
3) Any diet you try and sustain will only lead you to ruin
4) America has more diets than the rest of the world and yet we are one of the fattest places to live
5) What works for one person doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for another
6) By stopping your dieting and now making your eating a life style your body will thank you and work much more efficiently

Imagine if your employer told you that you were going to get paid but never told you the day or time that would happen. Now imagine that same employer paying you on a specific day the first month but then every month after changing that date without telling you. What would you do with the money he gives you when you get it? That’s right, you would deposit it right away in the bank and not spend much of it because you really would never know when you will get more. Well think of you as the employer and your body as the employee. The food you eat is the reward that your body needs to keep going. Now go on that diet and stay on a diet. How do you think your body will react? Feel?
Enough said…

Tuesday, November 18, 2014



Wellness, one of those words that, well, has such a broad definition. Webster defines it as; the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort or an approach to healthcare that emphasizes preventing illness and prolonging life, as opposed to emphasizing treating diseases.
I like the second definition because it emphasizes a pro-active approach. But do we really understand what is meant when you say wellness? Most people think sub-consciously that if they are in a wellness program that they are getting healthy or are already healthy, even though that have not changed a thing about their dietary habits or activity.
Health insurance companies get it though. In all their research they have concluded that people that take care of themselves have fewer incidences of major claims. In their research they have concluded that these people tend to have less sick days and fewer workers comp claims. Insurance companies are beginning to get it so much that some are even paying their insureds to go to gyms and work out. Here is the kicker though, some people are so lazy that they choose not to participate in their companies wellness programs. They would rather get sick and have the insurance company pay for that than for them to work out hard so that they can play even harder.
I look at it this way, if an insurance company told me that they would be paying for me to work out, I would make it a priority. I only see an up-side for both parties. First off I am getting paid to have fun and secondly the insurance company is collecting more from me than they are spending out. As an example, this year I believe the insurance company only spent $300 on me and that was because I got my annual physical. Now take into consideration a single premium of $150 a month which is $1800 a year and then take into consideration the $20 per month they gave me for working out, they still net $1250 for the year. Now I know that sounds really simple but I look at it this way, for the year they had my money for them to give me back $550, I win also.
Now take into consideration that some people have their companies pay for most if not all of their health care, however, the insurance company will only reimburse the member, which is a clear $240 a year (at least) given to you just to play after work. REALLY! Why aren’t more people taking advantage of this? The answer… WE’RE LAZY!
In this next year, let’s try and get off our butts and get in the game of wellness and get in better shape. It could benefit you physically and monetarily. Think about it.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Time to think about next year!!!!!!

So we are quickly approaching the end of the year and the question is have you achieved the fitness goal you told yourself you wanted to achieve by this time? If not, why not?
For most it is really because you lost your focus and you went back to your old way of doing things. For others it is because you did not have the strength to quit your old habits and still for some it was a choice that you made to follow your friends instead of having them follow you.
Now, what is going to make next year different? What are you going to do that will change your end of year outcome? For most, you will start out real strong and focused but then fizz out somewhere around March and others might make it till end of May before falling off the wagon. So, the question still remains… what will make your next year different than your previous years.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different result every time. Now here is a very profound thought, maybe next year you do something different and maybe there might be a different result. Or better yet just be honest with yourself, really honest with yourself and don’t do anything different and don’t get upset at the lack of results you will get.

So here are some tips that I want to pass onto you that may, no will, piss some people off but maybe you need to get mad before you will make some real changes in your life.

1) If you have a real fat stomach and you are sick of seeing it and not your feet or other parts of your anatomy then stop drinking those beers and mixed drinks. Don’t lie to yourself; yes even one drink leaves a mark. Now multiply that one drink over years and you see how all that adds up. Or stop eating late night snacks then going to bed. Food is fuel and we all eat like we are going to run a ultramarathon tomorrow when in essence we are going to sit at are desks and watch Facebook, I mean work. Most Americans eat the majority of their food after work and at night. This is bad because at that time you are more at rest than you are at motion, so all that food will do is sit and be stored in those areas of your body that you don’t want it to be stored in.
2) If you have fat hips or legs, lady’s unless you just had a baby (up to 3 months ago), stop blaming your kids for your lack of control and out-of-shapeness (an Ellis word). So what your little darlings are playing sports and you have to get them to their practices, do you have to sit there and watch them run around for hours? Hey why not get up off your butts and do some exercise yourself. Give yourself 30 minutes after you drop them off. I doubt they will miss you much and then guess what… you will still have time to socialize with your other friends who are thinking that they should also be exercising. I love dropping off my kids at their practices and then parking my car and while they are exercising and learning their sport I too am exercising and helping my body work much more efficiently. I remember once while my son was at soccer practice I told myself that I would run around the track until his practice was almost over. His coach went up to my son and told him that he was impressed with the fact that I could do so many wind sprints. He told him that it motivated the team to work harder. Hey it motivated the team to work harder. HELLO!!!!! Instead of sitting there for hours not really talking about much of any importance… GET UP AND GET GOING!!!!!! Or you can sit there and talk about snacks after the practice, the decision is your.
3) If you have II diabetes and your doctor has put you on medications, please note, medications will not cure you. I will repeat. Medications don’t cure you. They will only artificially keep your body in an order where it can survive. Oh you don’t believe me? Then stop taking the medications. If you really want to get off those meds, then really change your life habits. If you choose not to change your life habits then stop complaining and take your pills every day.
4) Don’t go to a gym and speak to a personal trainer all emotional. The next day you will just get up and begin to second guess yourself and not give a full effort. Get thru the emotion and meet up with your trainer with a plan of what you want to see happen and then once you give you’re your goals, shut up and listen. If you begin to second guess them, find another trainer and don’t stress them out.

Well, here are my first suggestions and there will be more over the next several weeks. Enjoy your day.