Tuesday, December 29, 2009

This next year I am going to do...

I have heard this so many times. How many of you have said this just to be disapointed in the end. Going to a gym and signing up for a year membership and then only using three weeks or three months adn then having this membership that you can't get out of and just forget about after a while. If you are that type of person and just don't care anymore... then stop reading from this point. But if you are sick of being that person and want to know what really works read on.

In my research I have found out that most people just don't know how to create goals. Goals are what is going to get you to ultimatley were you want to be. I have heard so many people say that they just want to lose 20,30 50, 100 pounds and I politely tell them losing wieght is not a goal but a by-product of you achieving a goal. I would then ask them dream about something they have either done in the past ( high school or college) or would like to do in the future. Once that was established we would then put a program together to get them to the point where they can achieve those goals. Once those goals have been achieved then we need to improve on them and continue to get better. Oh yea, all this time they ( you ) have been losing weight.

Guys, don't let weight be your goal you will never achieve it. think out side of that and get with a trainer and let them help you get there. If they can't find someone or some group that can.

Stress and life

A man once told me that what doesn't break you makes you in this life. For the longest time I had a real problem understanding that concept up until recent times. What does that mean and how does it pretain to my life?

In our lives we go thru a series of ups and downs. In some cases it seems as thought we have more downs then ups but never the less ups and downs. Each experience good or bad is there to teach us a lesson in some way. Everything we do in this life has a purpose for a better good. Even in the bad times good lessons can come of them.

I have also learned that in each person we have two personalities. One that we show our friends and the public and then the second one is our true inner personality. In good times and less stressful times we can maintain our first personality pretty well. But the question is what happens when life really begins to suck and everything is and has gone wrong. Well, our try personality comes out.

If you are a very giving person when you are under a lot of pressure and stress you tend to give more. If you are a very selfish person you tend to become even more selfish. I have found in my own life that your inner core is magnafied ten times in times when out life gives us big problems. Cancer, seperation, divorce, death, economic, or any other issue will bring out the very best or worst in a person. This is were the lesson could lie for most people.

Who really are you and how has life really effected you?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Goals, Money and Fitness?

I have spoken with so many people over the last few weeks that I just need to write my thought out here. I know that this economy is not the best in the world. As a matter of fact more people are being laid off and most companies, besides those in the financial sector, are not giving year end bonuses. However please remember that YOUR HEALTH IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO YOU.

I am just not saying it because I own a health club but because it is true. I know lot of people that have a lot of money and have neglected their health for years. Either they were smokers, drinkers, or just plane did not eat right and healthy and it is now really catching up with them. Yes, they still have all the money in the world but now what good is that when your doctor says that you have months to live or your not able to teach your kids how to ride a bike, or you are not able to partake in an activity that if you did you would have fun doing (dancing, etc).

Three summers ago I was faced with a situation where I wanted to teach my youngest daughter how to ride her bike without training wheels Age 4). For me it was a breeze. I held her seat and pushed her and ran right next to the bike and then at one point I let the seat go but kept running and she had know idea that I had let her go until she noticed both my hands were no longer on her bike. Less than 5 minutes she learned,so did my other kids.

My neighbor on the other hand, even with all the money in the world had to get me to help his kids learn to ride. I saw him out there trying and not succeeding. He was stooped over with his hands on his knees gasping for air while his child after falling down laid there thinking that they would never learn. After watching for a few minutes I went out to help him and within a period of time his kids learned. He was very embarrassed and promised that he would never put himself in that situation again and would get himself in shape. He never did his job was just too important to him and he had every excuse in the world why he could not get himself started. He has never come out and said it but he is lazy.

I heard of a lady that sued the school system because her daughter got a letter from the school stating that her daughter was at risk for things such as high blood pressure and diabetes. When her daughter read the letter she was devastated and her mother got very upset. Now instead of doing something about it she decided to blame the school system for her own issues. When the news showed them side by side, the daughter looked just like the mother. I don't think the mother was upset because of the letter as much as she was upset that because she did not do anything about it for herself it has now hit her daughter. She was embarrassed, period. When asked why she did not anything about it she sited money...

Guy,s have you noticed that in most poor areas of the country, there are a lot of fast food restaurants, movie theatres, Walgreen's(just had to throw that last one in for laughs). Have you also noticed that most poor individual are very over weight. It is well known that where you find poverty you will find obesity. Only if they focused their money on instead of Fast food,.... Fitness. I guarantee they would feel better about themselves.

Guys, don't let money stop you from getting in much better shape. Yes money can pay the bills but it cannot but you good health. I will have more to say on this soon.