Saturday, December 20, 2014

"Whole-estic" approach to good health

For years I have seen organizations try and put a program together for people who are trying to get into better health only to see those programs not work as they think they should. I have seen people go to these programs with great expectations only to be let down after a while. Companies like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and the like have tried to convey a message that in the end it is all about portion control and where as they are right on some fronts, they don’t give people the full picture of what good, solid, respectable health looks and feels like.
There are three real major components that make up our total picture when it comes to having just not good health but great health and it is; Diet, Rest and Activity. When you look at each one of these categories and understand their meaning in our lives, if all three of these in balance there we will find good health. Why is that? Are these the only things that are important? Where does working and social time fall into place?
On January 7th 2015 at 6:30pm, Parkers Place is starting a 10 week series on the “Whole-estic” approach to good health, where Mark McCarthy will explore the answers to the question, what does it take to finally be in good health. I have known Mark for years and his knowledge and experience in this field has brought him to a point where now he wants to share what he has found out with the world.
Have you ever asked yourself what it would take to finally get in better health? Have you ever tried to find accountability partners only to fail at the attempt? Have you ever what to be an accountability partner. At Parkers Place we strive for results for all our members and this class will get you to your results. You don’t have to be overweight to attend this class, all are welcomed. Come learn, experience and share. There is no charge for the first initial session.
Parkers Place N48 W36105 East Wisconsin Ave, Oconomowoc WI and the phone number is 262-567-0362. Call for more information.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014



I have thought about this for some time now and after what has happened to me and my sister just recently, I believe that I need to say something.
As some of you all know, I lost my dad recently and while at the funeral I noticed something that really made me stand up and take notice. You see my cousin and his dad have been at odds with each other for some time now and my hopes were that this funeral would bring them back together or at least civil enough to want to talk to each other and begin the process of mending old hurts. Well, what I saw made me even more sad than the funeral itself and I know my dad (God rest his soul) felt the same way.
Without boring anyone with detail let me just say this, “Holding resentment against another is the same as you living constantly in the past.” Your life becomes stuck in that moment of time that brought about misery that you just didn’t want to get over. For some reason we feel as though that if we hold this resentment we will be showing that other person how we really feel, when in essence all we are doing is holding ourselves back from truly feeling and experiencing the Love that God has given us to share with all mankind.
Ok, look at it this way… a kid gets shot and killed by a police officer. The police officer goes on trial and he is found not guilty and to top things off, given a promotion with a raise. We get so upset that we decide that we are going to show that %^&* police officer. So we go into our own house and burn it down. Or better yet we all go into our homes and burn them all down. Now what did we do? Yea we have sent a massage and that police officer and he now knows that we are upset, but he is still going to go home and have a good meal in a warm place while we are now standing outside freezing to death with no place to live. This may sound funny but this is what resentment or holding a grudge does to us in our lives. We think that it builds us up but it doesn’t. We think that it will make us better people but it won’t. Resentment holds us back and pushes us down and keeps us in the past.
Remember one other thing, we all only have one set of parents ( not including in-laws), if we stop talking to them what good does that really do anyone? One day they will be gone and you WILL resent not telling them something. "IF THEY WERE ALIVE I WOULD TELL THEM......." Do you really want to have to say that when they are gone?"
To all those who hold a grudge or resentment against another person, let it go. Give it up and watch how you feel afterwards. I know I use to be one of those people and I held a grudge for over 30 years and once I finally let it go, I felt a weight leave me and I am now able to move on and face life in a whole new and different way.
Just think about it. Will you?