Monday, March 29, 2010

Challenge 3/27/2010 THE HILL

This week at the Parkers Place weight loss challenge that challengers walked and ran Nature hill for the first time this year. The challenging part of this hill is that it is long and at ecery step it gets steeper and steeper. This is a great way to get your heart rate up and keep it up there. Thanks to all those that helped while I was away. Thank you Sue, Jodi and Kathy for your leadership.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

By the numbers

Weight Loss Challenge
By the numbers 3/20/2010

This week we had a record broken. For the first time we had a women lose more than 10 pounds in a week. Yes Cory lost 11.5 pounds this week. First time we have had 19 people in the class. This week we had another change in the overall lead and those that were on the bottom are no longer on the bottom. Below are the results:

Name, Initial weight, 3/20/2010 weight, Percentage

1) Vickie D, 208.0, 184.6, 11.25%
2) Barb J, 231.4 205.6, 11.15%
3) Dawn S, 299.0 268.2, 10.30%
4) Bill W, 256.8 230.6, 10.20%
5) Donna H,197.4 179.6, 9.02%
6) Jayne S,211.4 192.6, 8.89%
7) Ann S, 205.4 187.6, 8.67%
8) Lynn D, 249.2 227.8, 8.59%
9) Sue I, 246.8 226.0, 8.43%
10) Gina S, 244.8 225.0, 8.09%
11) Cindi Z,230.6 212.8, 7.72%
12) Rick A, 340.6 315.2, 7.46%
13) James B,389.2 363.8, 6.53%
14) Amy R, 211.6 192.6, 6.52%
15) Christy, D196.0 186.6, 5.10%
16) Cori T, 376.6 361.6, 3.98%
17) Michelle M,238.0 228.8, 3.95%
18) Kay H, 256.8 248.0, 3.43%
19) John L, 240.2 238.4, 0.75%

In Pounds lost our top 5 are (11 weeks)
1) Dawn S 30 pounds
2) Bill W 26.2 pounds
3) Barb J 25.8 pounds
4) Rick A 25.4 pounds
James B 25.4 pounds
5) Vicki D 23.4 pounds

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Challenge 3/20/2010

There are now 19 people in this class the most people I have ever had in 1 class

This week’s challenge consisted of running and weight training. Some of the challengers have reached a point in their new fitness life where running is a possibility where as others have not yet gotten there because of physical issues.

In this challenge there were 5 people per team and there were 4 teams. Each team had to have 2 people that were designated weight lifters and the other three people runners. In this relay the first runner had to run 200 meters and pass it off two weight lifter person two. Once the 50 reps of shoulder press were complete, then person two passed it off to person three who ran 200 meters. Once they completed their 200 meters, person three passed it onto person four who then had to do bouncy ball off the wall 100 times. Once person four was done with that, then person five ran 200 meters. Once that was complete then person five passed it onto person two who then did chair squats, once person two finished 50 of those then they handed it off to person one who ran 200 meters. Once that was complete they handed it off to person 4 who did bent-over rows with their head on the table. Once 50 of those were complete they handed it off to person three who then ran 200 meters. Once they completed that they immediately handed it off to person 5 who finished by running the last 200 meters. Pictures are below of each discipline. In the end Rick’s group won in a time of 7:31 minutes. But all did well.
Running at the start

Shoulder press...

Running 200 meters

Bouncy ball of the wall 100 times

Running 200 meters...

Chair squats 50 times

Running 200 meters...

Midrow 50 times with head on table

Running 200 the finish

Saturday, March 13, 2010

WLC weigh-in 3/13/2010

This week was another good week at WLC. We now have 7 people over 20 pounds in 8 weeks. We now have 19 challengers. We also have another lead change. Here are the numbers.

Name Initial weight 3/13/2010 LOST
Rick A 340.6 318.6 22lbs
James B 389.2 360.8 28.4lbs
Vicki D 208.0 185.4 22.6lbs
Lynn D 249.2 231.2 18.0lbs
Christy D 196.0 186 10lbs
Donna H 197.4 178.6 18.8lbs
Kay H 256.8 249 7.8lbs
Sue I 246.8 226.4 20.4lbs
Barb J 231.4 206 25.4lbs
John L (new) 240.2 237.4 2.8lbs
Michelle M 238.2 227.8 10.4lbs
Amy R 211.6 198.8 12.8lbs
Dawn S 299.0 272 27.0lbs
Jayne S 211.4 193.6 17.8lbs
Gina S 244.8 225.0 19.8lbs
Ann S 205.4 186.4 19.0lbs
Cori T(new) 376.6 372.8 3.8lbs
Bill W 256.8 232.8 24.0lbs
Cindi Z 230.6 211.2 19.4lbs

We have two new challengers John L. and Cori T.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Weight Loss Challenge Jeopardy

Weight Loss Challenge 3/6/2010
Jeopardy Challenge

The purpose of this challenge is to test their knowledge when it comes to nutrition, working out and realistic life. There were multiple choice questions and true and false questions. The winner was decided by the amount of questions they got right. If there was a tie… the tie was broken by some physical activity (in this case a shuttle run). This challenge did go to a tie breaker and James and Sue won running the 36.11 seconds. The losing team had to do 2 sets of chair squats with explosions (30 each set and only a 1 minute rest in between). Trust me it is hard than you think especially after working legs to day before.

The Weigh-in

This week we had a change in leadership. Everyone did really well but the top three have changed. Here they are in descending order. What you see below is there over all loss after 7 weeks.

16) Kay 6.2lbs 2.41%
15) Michelle 8.6lbs 3.61%
14) Christy 9.6lbs 4.90%
13) Amy 12.8lbs 6.05%
12) Gina 17.0lbs 9.94%
11) Bill 18.4lbs 7.17%
10) James 28.8lbs 7.40%
9) Lynn 19.4lbs 7.78%
8) Donna 15.5lbs 7.80%
7) Ann 16.2lbs 7.89%
6) Jayne 16.8lbs 7.95%
5) Dawn 25.8lbs 8.63%
4) Cindi 20.2lbs 8.76%
3) Vicki 19.4lbs 9.33%
2) Rick 32.0lbs 9.40%
1) Barb 21.8lbs 9.42%

Welcome John L. to the Weight Loss Challenge his initial weigh-in weight is 233.5lbs. Welcome to the first day of your new life.