Friday, November 27, 2009

Why is it so hard?

Well, lets just get to the problem at this or any other time of the year. People don't set goals or the goals they set are not realistic. I was watching the "Biggest Loser where are they now" and a few things popped up at me.

1) The ones that have been semi successful have stuck to a program and made life changing decisions
2) The ones that have not been successful have not developed a plan for after the show and just took it as a game and not something that they could or wanted to do after. I my eyes they were just in it to be on TV.
3) Those that were successful truly changed their life, literally. When they got back from being on the ranch they even changed occupations.
4) Those that didn't, never made the life changing jump.

I have found out that in life when we want to do something, we let nothing stop us from accomplishing whatever that task may be. When you have questions or when you are just not sure, we tend not to consider it a priority so we tend to lose interest very quickly. I have also noticed that those with short term and then long term goals tend to stick to the task much longer than those that are "just throwing something up against the wall to see if anything sticks". I see that mentality does not work at all. Not even "good intentions" work well. You need to have a passion for it so that it will work for the long run.

I think that there is a lesson we can learn from one of the winners of the show and that is without a consistent program and proper goal setting, it will not work. Guys, here is a dose of reality, you never make it to a point were you don't have to do something to keep fit. This is why goals are so important. We need them in life so we must need them in our fitness journey.

Ask your self this question, why do you work for a living? What is the point? Well when you really think about it, it is so that you can reach your life goals. A new home, a good retirement, a new boat, a new car, etc. For you to be able to get these things and then maintain them you must work to make the money to get them. Think if you could just go to a store and just get what you wanted and you did not have to pay for it and money did not exist. Would you work? I think not. Look at your lottery winners. They said that they would not stop working but then when they got that money that job they had just doesn't seem to have that same luster it had just a week before and they end up quitting. Why did they quit? Lose of meaning and drive.

Let's remember that in our fitness journey. Create goals and then go after them and remember losing weight is not a goal but a bi-product of you creating and achieving the goals you set. If you follow this advise, one day you will thank me for it. If you have any questions about this or anything else I have written please call me at 262-567-0362.