Monday, April 26, 2010

Jorge's obsticle course

I woke up this morning and it was raining out. Boy was it raining out. My grass loved it, my trees loved it, and I really loved it. Why? Well this Saturday was a challenge for the Weight Loss Challenge people and George wanted it as wet and rainy as possible. Why? Today he was going to give the challengers a taste of the military marine style. I loved it! I knew it would bring back good times.

Today there were four stations that they had to complete. Each station was 1 minute in duration and in between the stations there was a discipline that needed to be accomplished before moving on. The Challengers were put in teams of 2 and they were told that they had to use their partners and not leave them behind.

• In station #1: 1 minute of Squat Jumps followed by a Wheel Barrel walk to station #2
• In station #2: 1 minute of Knee Strikes followed by a Shoulder roll to station #3
• In station #3: 1 minute of Punches followed by high skips to station #4
• In station #4: 1 minute of Team sit-ups followed by Bear Crawl to station #5
• In station #5: 1 minute of Squat & Thrust followed by Low crawl to station #6
• In station #6: 1 minute of Sit-ups followed by Shoulder roll to station #7
• In station #7: 1 minute of Team push-ups followed by lung walk to station #8
• In station #8: 1 minute of Elbow strikes

All started and all finished in one piece. Yes it did rain and they were muddy as the pictures show below. Today I will highlight all those that have gone 30 or more pounds in total weight loss in 13 weeks.

Rick A. 32.2 pounds
Vicki D. 37.8 pounds
Barb J. 34.0 pounds
Dawn S. 33.0 pounds
Gina S. 30.0 pounds
Cindi Z. 31.0 pounds

The average weight loss is 25 pounds to date.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

due to the spring vacation time of the year many challengers did not show up.

Scavenger hunt, weigh-in
And over view of first three months

Well, this week the weather was so nice that we decided to do a scavenger hunt with the Challengers. With this hunt there were three courses. The long course which is 2.50 miles and the second course which is 2.25 miles and the third course is .49 miles. In this game I gave them a maximum amount of time that they could be on the course. For the first course I gave them 45 minutes. For the second course I gave them 30 minutes. For the final course it was 30 minutes. There were 10 questions that needed to be answered and for every wrong answer the penalty was 5 additional reps of each exercise at the end of the game. In the end each person had to add an additional 15 reps to each of the following exercises.

1) 25 push-ups
2) 50 crunches
3) 50 right over left and left over right
4) 50 crunchy frogs
5) 25 crunches on the big ball
6) 25 1/2/3/4
Then just to warm them down, they did 50 hill climbers and 50 jumping jacks.

It was a get time had by all. Here is the best part about it. The long course is 2.5 miles and they all finished it in less than 30 minutes. The short course is 2.2 miles and they all finished it in less than 29 minutes. And the half mile course was also finished in a very quick time. This could not be done at the beginning of the year. These guys are doing really well.

Now, what we also did was take their first measurements and then wait 3 months and then take their second measurements. The results are really good. We measured the neck, chest, waist, hips, arms, legs, and calf’s and the average amount of inches lost is 14 inches and the average weight loss over the first three months is 25.22 pounds per person. They are all well on their way to losing at least 50 pounds in six months. We now have two new participants in this year’s weight loss challenge that joined us late. At this time over the last 3 weeks their average weight loss has been 6 pounds a week.

The one thing that I have stressed to my Challengers is to begin to create long term goals because this weight loss challenge will be over soon and they need to begin to make this their own. We have given them many workouts and now that the weather is getting warmer we are forcing them to start going outside more and look for opportunities outside. Today, as I am writing this, they are running around the 2.5 mile course and running up nature hill. In these next couple of months there will be many opportunities for these challengers to be competitive outdoors with all the running events coming up. Wish them all well.

As a side note… I have my 5k/10k walk run coming up on may 22nd. Come join us and celebrate life. The registration fee is $10.00. The 5k starts at 8:30am. The 10k starts at 7:30am and the 1 mile run starts at 9:30am. You can also walk in these events.