Monday, April 27, 2009

The First Three Mile Run

If I had told these challengers back in November that by April they would be running their first 5k, they would have laughed at me. But guess what…… they did it. It is my understanding that there was a bet on the table that anyone that ran it under 30 minutes would get a steak dinner (one of the trainers said this) and it was very close. Mark came in at 30:17 seconds. The slowest person came in at 45 minutes and the quickest 30 minutes. Not bad. This goes to show you that what you put your mind to do you can achieve. Below are some pictures of the challengers coming in after running 3 miles.

Nice hill at the end! Just my signature and way to say that I love them all. Great job guys.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Step Challenge and the Challenge of Challenges

The first time we did this challenge we started at 96 BPM (beats per minute). The winner ended up at 184 BPM and 34 minutes. This time I started it at 126 BPM. The top three finishers were Mary, Tracie and Josh, and the winner was Mary. She stepped for 40 minutes and at her final BPM of 200 or 2 minutes. Great job to all!

Two weeks ago, our challenge was not to schedule a sporting event for the challengers, but to get them in their own worlds and begin to deal with their everyday lives without supervision. It was a challenge that the average person could not complete. Just look at how many people start in January at a health club and by February 90% of them are gone. At Parker’s Place and as part of the Weight Loss Challenge we emphasize Life-Style Change, not weight loss. We understand that weight change is a byproduct of life changes. We knew that after the last two weeks we would be able to tell who the real life changers were and who were not.

Over these last two weeks many of the challengers came in and got a lot done, but some did not. I also saw some of them go through a tremendous amount of soul searching and dealing with problems that would have still been there even at the end of the 6 months. I saw some start out with good intentions and end up just as they started if not worse. Some say that after three months a person can make life changes. As this goes to show you, unfortunately some do not. The attempt was there but in the end for some of them, their old life won out.

Changing one’s life is a long hard process and it starts with the person whose life needs to be changed. They need to want to change and not just emotionally but through a process of logical reasoning. In this process, their old life and its problems become magnified and what would have seemed small a few months ago becomes even bigger while going through this process. New temptations begin to creep up and old issues begin to surface again crying out for the attention they need. What do you do? When life gets hard we tend to run away from those things that in the long run can help us and try and find that comfort zone we used to be in again (good or bad).

One of the biggest problems the challengers have had is food control. I have been baffled on how to help them through this trial. Then one day a member told me that “If you focus on something, you empower it. It becomes all consuming.” This makes sense. Think about it, if you tell yourself that you will not eat this or will not eat at a certain time, what ends up happening is you begin to set yourself up for ultimate failure. Why, because you are thinking about it. However, if you focused your energies on some other thing or project the time would fly by and would have forgotten about eating during that time.

Now I am going to give you my conclusion on how to make life changes regardless of who you are and where you are at this time of life.

1) Plan your goals, little ones. Baby step.
2) Make a plan to get there and stay with it. Do not let excuses deter you from achieving.
3) Focus on the final prize, whatever that may be.
4) Do reward yourself for little success but remember to strive for your final destination
5) While going through the process of achieving your goals, think about all of those negative influences and begin the process of getting rid of them. (Even if it is people in your life)
6) Do not settle for second best or just making it. Instead, always strive for your best effort. Ask yourself a question in the end, “Could I have done better? Could I have gotten to this place sooner (whatever that place is)? Did I really do my best?”
7) If you can answer “yes” to #6, you are not settling for second best and you did do your best.
8) Once you achieve that goal then don’t quit. Set new goals and achieve them. This is what makes life fun and worth living.

I have said this before and I will say it again. Weight Loss is not a goal. Weight Loss is a byproduct of you achieving goals. Goals are such things as:
• Reduction of medications
• Running not for the first time but faster than the previous time
• Getting better at a specific sport
• Being able to physically do things that you were not able to do before( i.e. bad knees, bad back, bad joints, etc)

These goals are not weight loss itself. As you work to achieve your goals your weight will decrease until you are at the peak of your conditioning. Stay in it guys, don’t quit. You can do anything you put your mind to doing. Yes, it may be hard at first but nothing worthwhile is easy.

Special thanks goes to the 2008 class (Matt, Kathy, Sue, Donna, Craig, Nicole)and Jodi for coming alongside the 2009 class for that two week period and holding them accountable. You guys did a great job.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Kevin’s Challenge

I have heard a lot of complaining about one’s knees and how their legs really hurt so I figured it was just time to really work out their upper body so that it could catch up with their legs. In today’s challenge there were four disciplines, Olympic Bench, Bicep Curls with Dumbbells, Triceps cable pull downs, and Bend over rows. Each person had to do each station for 2 minutes. The men had to lift 135 pounds on the Olympic bench and the women 65 pounds. On the Bicep curls the men had to curl 20 pounds and the women 10 pounds. On the cable pull downs the men had to use 60 pounds and the women 40 pounds. Finally on the bend over rows the men used 95 pounds and the women 65 pounds. The winners were, Vic with 44 reps on the Olympic Bench and Mary for the women with 38 reps. In the bicep curls it was Richard with 77 reps and Krista with 60 reps. In the pull downs it was Steve with 102 reps and Debbie with 90 reps. Finally in the Bend over rows it was Steve again with 101 reps and Mary also with 66 reps. In the overall reps challenge Steve won with a total of 305 reps for total in all categories. Please look below for all of the results.

Steve doing 101 reps with 95 pounds Debbie doing 90 reps with 65 pounds

Mary doing 38 reps with 65 pounds Vic doing 44 reps with 135 pounds

Rick doing 77 curls with 20 pounds Krista doing 60 curls with 10 pounds

Debbie doing 90 pull downs with 40 pounds

• Reps for 2 minutes
• Men Bench 135 lbs
• Women Bench 65 lbs
• Men Curl 20 lbs
• Women Curl 10 lbs
• Men Pull Down 60 lbs
• Women Pull Down 40 lbs
• Men Bend Over’s 95 lbs
• Women Bend Over’s 65 lbs

Also below are the results for the half way mark in their weight loss journey. Please don’t lose site of the fact that weight loss is only a by-product of them changing their life styles. My goals for them are not weight related but life changing relate.

Joe Tajnia 43.8 pounds 10.42%, Marsha Hoffman 14.2 pounds 8.1%, Debbie Lorenz 38.4 pounds 12.3%, Josh Foust 26.4 pounds 6.93%, Steve Foust 17 pounds 5.18%, Krista O’Brian 41.4 pounds 14.43%, Josh Branham 63.8 pounds 19.57%, Vic Glassey 62 pounds 19%, Tracie Brasch 41.2 pounds 16.79%, Darcey Lowerre 21.2 pounds 11.22%, Mark Meinhardt 32.2 pounds 11.29%, Richard Andrus 89.2 pounds 22.58%, Mary Schiefelbein 38.4 pounds 18.32%. Congrats to all.