Monday, June 23, 2014

Dear Kevin

Dear Kevin,
I just want you to know that I really appreciate the effort you put forth in trying to keep me healthy and fit. I know that sometimes it seems as though you are spinning your wheels but you are not and thank you for your efforts.
By what you have done it allows me to fight off colds and foreign matter that may try and present itself into your system. Allergies are non-existent. Because you are so diligent in your exercise it allows me to keep your blood vessels clean and clear and this allows me to reduce your heart rate in a big way. Because of your consistent working out it allows me to keep control of your other systems. I don’t have to work so hard every day to keep you alive.
Thank you for not putting poisons in your body. Just fighting the daily foreign bodies is hard enough, now when you add poisons such and tobacco and alcohol into the mix, it makes my job of keeping all your systems working properly twice as hard. Thank you so much.
I know that it could be real easy to quit what you do and join the rank and file but in the end, because of your diligence, I can give you the best quality of life possible. I can give you the ability to do anything you would like. I can give you the ability to try and succeed at so many things that others just cannot dream of doing. Your age biologically is at least 20 years younger than your chronological and it stays at a constant.
Doesn’t it feel great that when you go to a beach or a pool you can relax and not worry about who’s looking at you? Doesn’t it feel great to be able to climb just not one floor but 25 to 50 floors and not get tired or out of breath? Didn’t it feel go to be able to teach your kids how to ride their bikes and how to run as fast as they do? Doesn’t it feel good to know that your wife is not embarrassed to tell her friends that you are her husband? Doesn’t it feel good to see that your children are just as fit as you and there are no lingering health issues with any of them?
You have set an example that your children will follow for the rest of their lives. What you do your kids see and will follow in their later years. Who you are today… your kids will someday be. Thank you Kevin for everything you have done.

Your Body

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