Friday, April 28, 2017

Keeps your brain fit

Keeps your brain fit

Whereas many believe that the heart is the engine of the body I personally don’t think so, I believe it is the brain. Why, because nothing can happen in the body with out there being proper and live brain function. The heart can stop beating and man can still pump blood throughout the body but if the brain stop functioning, life stops as we know it.

The brain keeps us alive. It sends electrical currents to each organ and gives every organ the energy it needs to keep functioning as that organ is supposed to. The brain is the battery of the body. It sends the electrical currents to were ever they have to go. The brain sustains life and knows when something is in trouble and needs mending. It is the command center of everyone body. Like the Capitan of a ship, the brain controls every aspect of our being.

Here is the problem that one could have if you are not fit, as stated above our brain monitors every part of our being. There isn’t one organ that the brain is not in control of and help sustains its life. Now add obesity or heart disease or any other illness, this makes the brain have to work harder to either cure the issue or sustain that organs life. With a person who exercises, it gives the brain a fighting chance to overcome illnesses and injuries. Exercise allows blood flow to all aspects of one being and this blood flow supplies the brain with the fuel to fight whatever the issue may be.
When the brain doesn’t have to work so hard to sustain life, it also has its moments to relax and that is huge. If your brain is working overtime 24/7 at some point it will not work as it is supposed to work. Can you say stroke, dementia or Alzheimer’s. Yea, there is even evidence to show that exercise and a fit body can slow the incidence of strokes, dementia and even Alzheimer. “ Can Exercise Reduce Alzheimer’s Risk?” By GRETCHEN REYNOLDS on JULY 2, 2014 wrote an article in the New York times talking about this subject and I found it quite fascinating.

Scientist had a study done on people with Alzheimer’s and found that their E4 gene was smaller in those that did not exercise to those who did exercise. I would suggest that everyone read his article at, it is good reading.  All the articles I have read suggest to me that a fit brain gives us a good quality of life on so many levels, so my suggestion to everyone is don’t stop exercising, the benefits of that outweighs anything else in the present and most definitely in the future.

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