Friday, May 5, 2017

Life expectancy

Life Expectancy

I was looking at a website the other day that I found very fascinating. This website discuss, in much detail, statistics in reference to mortality given so many factors. Factors such as obesity or cancer or heart disease among so many other factors have been put into this website . This website broke mortality into male or female (not other) and all age category. It looked at each state, county and city and gave current statistics on so many factors of our mortality. Excellent find I would say!
What I found fascinating the most is that when I looked at median income, it showed that the wealthier you are the less likely you were to die at younger ages. 

Here are some known facts:
1)      In Hawaii people tend to live the longest. The average age of mortality is 81.30 years

2)      In Mississippi people there tend to live only until age 74.96 years of age. This is the lowest of all the United States.

3)      In Hawaii the average income is $73,486 which is not too far behind DC ($75,628) and Maryland which is number one at $75,847. Mississippi had the lowest family income of all the United States at $40,593.

4)      As far as obesity was concerned, Mississippi had the highest amount of percentage of people that were considered obese. This figure is over 79%. DC and Maryland had the least amount of obesity at just under 54% and they were on the bottom of all the states.

5)      The only thing I did not see on this website was the correlation of education to mortality and obesity. I have a strong feeling that DC and Maryland would be high on the education scale and Mississippi would be one of the lowest in the country.

What I find interesting is that there seems to be a correlation between lifestyle, income and obesity. It seems as though the poorer you are the more likely you are to have major health issues. Over and over again as I read the statistics on this website was I amazed at such findings. So the question remains, what can be done to reverse the trend of obesity and poor living? Is it making more money? Is it getting more education? I really don’t know the answer to those questions, but if these statistics are correct I think the answers are obvious.

The name of the website is Check it out.

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