Friday, April 7, 2017

50 reasons why

50 reasons why you should exercise

The number one reason why people don’t exercise is…. You guessed it, we are lazy. However, this blog is about quit the opposite. This blog is about the 50 reasons why we should exercise. Then once a week after that I will break each reason down why they are so important. So here are the 50 reasons why we should all be exercising:
01.Lifts your mood                                                                      26.Strengthens your bones
02.Improves learning abilities                                                     27. Strengthens your heart
03.Builds self-esteem                                                                  28. Improves posture
04.Keeps your brain fit                                                                29. Prevents colds
05.Keeps your body fit and able                                                  30. Improves appetite
06.Boost mental health                                                                31. Improves cholesterol levels
07.Boosts mental health                                                               32. Lowers risk if (certain) cancers
08.Reduces stress                                                                         33. Lower high blood pressure
09.Makes you feel happier                                                           34. Lowers risk of diabetes
10.Has anti-aging effect                                                               35. Fights dementia
11.Improves skin tone and color                                                  36. Eases back pain
12.Improves sleeping patterns                                                      37. Decreases osteoporosis risk
13.Helps prevent strokes                                                              38. Reduces feelings of depression
14.Improves joint function                                                           39. Prevents muscle loss
15.Improves muscle strength                                                        40. Increases energy and endurance
16.Alleviates anxiety                                                                    41. Increases sports performance
17.Sharpens memory                                                                    42. Increases pain resistance
18.Helps to control addictions                                                      43. Improves balance and coordination
19.Boosts productivity                                                                  44. Improves oxygen supply to cells
20.Boosts creative thinking                                                           45. Improves concentration
21.Improves body image                                                               46. Helps with self-control
22.Gives you confidence                                                               47. Lessens fatigue
23.Helps you keep focus in life                                                     48. Increases sex drive and satisfaction
24.Improves eating habits                                                              49. Makes life more exciting
25.Increases longevity                                                                   50. Improves quality of life

So there you have it, 50 reasons why we should exercise. In my next blog I will being the process of discussing each one in more detail. But just for the fun of it, read  them over again and ask yourself this question, where do I need help and can exercising really help me? Think about it.

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