Monday, February 28, 2011

The Weigh In

A few things happened at this weigh in that I think some of the Challengers finally may be getting a clue. I was approached by one of the challengers and she was totally frustrated.

“Kevin you know I worked really hard this last week and I only lost two pounds, but the week before I did not work as hard and I lost five pounds. Why is that? What did I do different?”

Then another comes to me and says, “Are you sure that was right? How could this be? I did not work any harder than the week before and I had a six pound loss, what’s up with that?”

I have heard this time and time again only to remind them that in the end it should not be about the weight because that will fluctuate, but the total changing your lifestyle. Now I know I have said this before but let me see if I can further explain.

If you follow your weight, if you constantly weigh yourself, you will get frustrated and after a while just give up because you will find it almost impossible to first achieve that goal of whatever magic number you are trying to hit, then try to maintain it. You will give up. However if you took your mind off of the numbers and began the process of creating tangible active goals here is what will happen;

1) Life won’t be has hard and difficult. You won’t be living under the umbrella of the “I can’t have syndrome” and replace that with the “I could have… because it will get me to…” syndrome
2) Your goals will now become much more tangible and now fun to go after
3) You will feel more confident achieving little mile markers
4) Your consistency will improve and you will hold your level of conditioning longer. You will no longer have those ups and downs and now they could be visually measured
5) You could know where your conditioning level is on a more consistent basis without ever getting on the scale ever again
6) You will be able to maintain you fitness levels much longer and always have something to strive after or to improve upon.

I think some of them are beginning to get a clue and I am happy for that. Well here are the numbers for last week’s weigh in after 7 weeks:

Matt (-32.0), Sharon (-9.2), Linda (-8.2), John (-29.0), Jessica (-9.8), Kati (-6.4), Kate (-11.4), Susan (-9.6), Maureen (-4.8), Dan (-24.0), Melissa (-10.2), Roy (-31.8), Kathy (-9.2), Jackie (15.0), Mary (-2.6), Mike (-17.8), Dawn (-2.6), Cori (-4.4), Sara (-22.2), Ken (-10.8).

Roy is our overall leader at 10.53% lost followed closely behind by John at 10.08% and Dan at 9.47%. The leading woman is Sara at 7.27% and currently in fifth place overall. They are all doing well.

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