Monday, February 7, 2011

Indoor Relay and Thw Weigh In

After the snow fall last week it pushed a lot of things back, but not the weight loss challenge. Still it went off without a hitch. This challenge has them riding 2 miles on a spin bike and then doing a half mile run. Now the winners would be the ones who could do the course in the fastest time. There were two winners in the bike race, one individual and the second team and in the shuttle run only the team would win (with each team member running a half mile).

Now at first this may have seem boring, especially after last week’s totally pumped up Jodi’s Challenge, but in the end all felt as though they accomplished something they had never done before. Here are you winners;

Riding the 2 miles in 6 minutes 44 seconds and coming in third place was Mary. Riding that same two miles in 6 minutes 19 seconds Ken and riding the winner of the two mile challenge was John at 5 minutes and 56 seconds.

In the shuttle run, each team member had to run half a mile and then the total combined time was taken. In third place with a combined time of 12 minutes and 22 seconds, Kathy and Sara. In second place with a combined time of 11 minutes 30 seconds, Jackie and Sharon and winning the shuttle run with a combined time of 11 minutes 20 seconds Roy and John. Congrats to all who competed.


There is a change in the leader board this week. Some names have moved up and some have moved down. Some are now in the black while some have just not moved much. Here are the results for the top ten people.

Roy is now our new leader with 9.62% or 18.8 pounds lost
John lost the top spot now at 8.28% or 23.8 pounds lost
Matt dropped to third still at 7.88% or 29.6 pounds lost
Dan is now in forth position at 6.55% or 12.8 pounds lost
Sara is in fifth place with at 5.63% or 11 pounds lost
Melissa is in sixth place at 5.32% or 10.4 pounds lost
Kathy, after a very slow start, has moved herself up to seventh position at 4.40% or 8.6 pounds lost
Kati is in eighth position at 4.30% or 8.4 pounds lost
Jil is now in ninth position at 4.05% or 9.6 pounds lost
Linda brings up the top ten at 3.61% or 7.4 pounds lost

Now everyone, all 22 people are now in the red and have lost some weight. As I told them and will continue to tell them, after the first month this becomes real hard. The first month is always the easiest. Now life gets in the way and you need figure out what you need to do to continue on that life style changing road. Now this is where the rubber meets the road. Stay focused!

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