Saturday, February 7, 2009

Quitting when life gets hard

Too many times in this life I have run across people who, when life gets hard, they quit. When life becomes a little uncomfortable they quit. When things don’t go exactly their way they quit. Let me ask you a question, does that quitting make you a better person or just give you another excuse on why you don’t want to do or achieve something? If inventors quit every time a new invention failed would we have the light bulb? Would we have automobiles? Would we have planes? Would we have computers?

Now have successful person ever quit in life. The bottom line is that quitting is only done by losers. I said it, losers. We can all make up excuses on why we can’t do certain things but that is all they are, excuses. Success comes from overcoming adversity and not saying “quit” but “I can and will”. We can achieve anything we put our minds to achieve you just need to believe that and then go and get it.

I know some of you my say, “but what about if you physically can’t do something because of a blown knee or heart issue or whatever?” Then you just modify it! You try and find alternative ways to achieve the same goals and there are alternative ways. For example;

1) If you want to run and you have bad knees, then get better shoes or walk at a much faster pace. Run on a softer surface or run in a pool. There are many things you can do.
2) If you have a bad heart, then go to the point where your body will let you and then back off a little and try and stay in that pace.
3) Or if you are doing a project and run out of money, then ask around I can assure you that you can get the same parts or books for little or no cost. If you ask, people will try and help you.

America has gotten fat as a nation. We are one of the biggest nations on the planet and I am not proud of that nor should you be. It is embarrassing when you go overseas and you can spot an American just by looking at their physical stature. It is embarrassing when we think that modern medicine can replace hard work and moderate eating. God made these bodies to work and food to be enjoyed. God did not make these bodies to sit around, watch television and eat. Look at our great grandparents, they would be embarrassed if they knew and saw where we are today.

I can go on but I think you get the drift. What you put into something is what, in the end, you will get out. For American to get back to the way we were, we need to put the excuses away and focus. We need to stop living in the past and our past accomplishment and look ahead. We need to remember that we were at once a thriving nation but because of our stupid laziness we are now second at best. We need to take responsibility for our laziness and not rely on someone else and change our ways. Then and only then will we become the nation we once were.

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