Monday, May 12, 2014

Diet Plans

Well it’s been a while since I have written anything for you guys to read and I think that this is a great subject to start with, diets.
Here we are getting ready to go into summer and most of you are looking in the mirror and telling yourself that it is time for you get into summer shape. Now you all know that my response to that would be that you should not have waited so long but never the less some of you would have just rolled your eyes at me and told yourself that you will just stop eating for a period of time to lose those extra pounds. UGH! You know just how to get to me, don’t you!
Well, this has been a subject of major concern since the beginning of mankind. (I even think that Adam and Eve struggled with it once they were kicked out of the garden). The question that I wanted to answer was if there is a way a person could eat, without making it a diet plan, but still give their body all the vitamins and nutrient it needs daily. I remember thinking to myself, “There are no two people alike. Some seem to be able to eat one way and it seems to work for them, while others seem to eat in that same way and their body don’t respond in the same way. I know some people whose diet consists of nothing but carbohydrates and they are lean and full of energy. Whereas I know some others that eat that same diet and boy they have problems from digestion to obesity. What makes them different? Is it their exercise levels? No they exercise pretty regularly. Is it their intensity levels? No they really hit it when they are here at Parker’s Place. Is it the time of day they eat? No, I have seen their daily logs and that seems to all be in line. Then what is it?
One day I was talking to a gym member and we started talking about the subject of diets and she brought up something that I thought was very interesting. Depending on your blood type should be the type of daily diet you should be on. WOW! That really makes a lot of sense when you think about it. If you have “O” type blood then your body can take certain things that an “A” or “AB” may not be able to. So I did some research and in my next blog I explain what I discovered.
First let us define what blood types are. Blood types are inherited from our parents and essential to how our bodies perform and react to outside stimuli. There are several forms of blood types and they are O-, O+, A-, A+, B-, B+, AB-, AB+ and each one of those types has specific characteristics that make them unique when it comes to how the body will break down the food that we consume. So in my next blog we will get into how each blood type responses to the food we eat and what your diet should look like given your specific blood type.

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