Tuesday, July 24, 2012

12 Important steps to better health

This next series talks about the things that if every person did, would give them much better health. Not just better health but health that will last you a lifetime. Anyone can lose weight, but not many can keep it off for a long period of time. If these 12 steps are taken you will not just lose the weight you may be looking for, but keep it off forever. Today we will discuss step 1 mental preparation: Mental Preparation: Before you start anything and before you begin any new project there must be a vision and a dream and most important a burning desire to see that project to completion. Without any one of those pieces to the puzzle, at best you have a momentary vision that will peter out soon after developed. This should be the same with our health. So many of us try and enter a new point in our lives running solely on emotion and emotion is too unpredictable. We need to, no, we must sit down and calculate the costs of us changing our life. What is that costs? The things we may have to give up. The things we will gain. The things we will begin anew. Once we do that than just like any major project we may do on our jobs, we need to begin to put the puzzle together. What is our first step? Second step? Third Step? In this mental preparation we need to have a clear vision of who we ultimately want to be and yes look like. With that vision clearly imbedded in our minds we need now to begin the process of working our way towards that ultimate goal. There will be many barriers we will run up against while we are going thru this journey and this is when we must stay steadfast and continue to dream about that new reality we will one day have. Your vision and steadfastness is the key. If you lose that, you will lose the ability to strive for your ultimate goal, whatever that may be. When those barriers come (health, finance, time, etc) you will need to have the strength to overcome them and this is where your clear vision and mental focus should shine. This is where most people fail. They think that their emotional state can get them thru the hard times and it just isn’t true. Quite the opposite it can really mentally weaken you and cause you to take backwards steps and jeopardize your health even more than you first thought. So first sit down and think about what your ultimate goal could be. Stand by a mirror and look at yourself and dream about who you may want to become. Speak to your doctor and ask him to define what healthy really means for you. Write down your vision, begin to dream and focus on nothing but the final prize, your health. Tomorrow I will talk about step 2 The Process.

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