Thursday, June 27, 2019

Dad Bod, Do women find them more attractive?

So the question is……. Do women really think that the “dad bod” is more attractive than the man who is fit with six pack abs? I have thought about this question and I did not want my opinion to sway the results, and you all would be shocked if you really knew how I felt about this topic. What do women think about this question? I decided to ask them and compile all the data I receive and make a good conclusion. So here you go…..
On 6/21/19 I decided to put a question on Facebook. Do women find the “dad bod” attractive? I asked people to IM me or text me their response and to my surprise I got a lot more responses than I thought I would get.
At first I thought that most of the women I knew would side on the “total six pack abs” side.  However, here are some of the answers I received;
Top 10 out of 303 for women not attracted the dad bod.
1)    I want the athletic guy
2)    I like guys with great pecs but not a lot of muscle
3)    I like men that don’t have boobs bigger than mine
4)    I like men who take care of themselves
5)    I’ll take the six pack
6)    I am not into the “dad bod”
7)    Slender is in
8)    Health is important
9)    Too much is no good but need to have some abs showing
10)                       Health awareness is important
Top 5 out of 70 women who were attracted to the dad bod.
1)    Never found buff attracted, usually that person is stuck on themselves
2)    Love it
3)    Yeah, shows that they put others before themselves
4)    They are more attentive
5)    My dad was heavy and he was a great provider
Then there was another category. Those who were undecided. Their answers were not surprising to me. 
Here are the top 5 of 112 people.
1)    It may look nice but what I find attractive is their inner self
2)    Outward appearance less important than inner appearance
3)    Needs to look at me and not himself
4)    Never thought about it
5)    They need to be in a little shape but not so out of shape that they have health problems.
All in all I received 485 responded (3 guys) and when I looked at all the data I found a common thread attached to everyone’s response. In every response, it was stated that the health of the guy was most important. It shows them an understanding of how important health is to that guy. Now not one of the respondents stated that those men that body build were found to be very attractive. Quite the opposite every person, even those that were into fitness, stated that they found them gross. But the guy who could balance a healthy productive life was “eye candy” to them.
Dr. Dobson once stated, “Women are not visual creatures…” and after this survey I truly believe that. Initial attraction? Yes, we all are. But once the hellos are passed and the conversations start, women want deeper meaning. They want to find out who they are speaking with and what that guy can bring to the table (not just the sex). According to Dr Dobson women are more interested in security more than sex. They want to know that they are loved and taken care of and respected (on so many levels). Every woman that I spoke with confirmed his findings and now I must also agree.
In conclusion, do women find the “dad bod” attractive? The answer according to my survey is a resounding “maybe”. What is most attractive to most women is much deeper than the exterior. What matters to women is how they will be treated, how they will be loved and how they will be respected.

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