Thursday, February 6, 2014

Good health at 50

There will be a point in one’s life when they will be looking at turning the big 50. When that comes will you be physically ready? Lately I have been asked by many people how it is that I can be as “old” as I am and still look and have the physical numbers as I do and I think it is time that I write this all out so that those that are older than I and younger than I can understand. Now please note, I am not bragging nor am I saying that I have all the answers. I can only go by my own experiences and what I have seen that has gotten me this far in my young life.

On January 2014 I went to my doctor like I do every year for my annual physical. A few hours later I received an email from him with my results and I was really surprised at where my numbers stood. I won’t bore you with all the details but I will highlight a few of them.

Weight 180

Height 5’10”

Cholesterol 155 (Last year it was 110 don’t know what happened)

HDL >39.9 54.6

LDL <130 121 Triglycerides <150 60 PSA 0.0-4.0 0.28 Testosterone 280-800 970 Resting Pulse rate 51 When I look at my Red blood cells and White blood cells they were in excellent standing. Now the question so many have asked me is how I am able to get such numbers and here is what I believe is my formula. I believe that it is quite simple, do those things that are beneficial to the body and those things that are not, well, just don’t do them. 1) I try and get 6 to 8 hours of sleep a night. Now that always doesn’t happen but then I will find myself a few minutes during the day when I can close my eyes and relax. It is amazing what 30 minutes can do when you are tired in the middle of the day.

2) I eat 3 square meals a day. That’s right Breakfast, lunch and dinner. My biggest meal of the day is Lunch followed by breakfast and then dinner is very small. I never stuff myself at night. I don’t see the point. Why fuel my body to just sit down afterwards and fall asleep. Most people have a very small breakfast practically no lunch and then find themselves really dragging in the middle to the end of their day and then go home and devour the fridge.

3) Alcohol has not touch these lips since first year of college and that was 30 years ago. I just don’t see the point of drinking until you feel weird. Some people call it “putting a buzz on” but what they are really doing is destroying their brain cells and making their bodies work harder than they should. This also goes for cigarette smoking. Never, never, never. I have seen what it does to so many and I just don’t see where my body will benefit from it.

4) I exercise every day. Once a day I get a good 30 minutes of exercise in. Did I say every day? Yes every day even when I go away on VACATION. What better time to really get your body in really good shape but on vacation when you really have nothing else to do but enjoy and relax. There is no better relaxation then when you finish a workout and know that you accomplished something good for your body.

Now some of you are going to say that I really don’t understand how busy you are. You may be right but just take this into consideration, I start seeing people at 5am and don’t finish seeing people until 8pm from Monday to Friday and then on Saturday I see people from 5:30am till 2pm and at 7:30am I teach an aerobic class. Also, I am married with 3 children (18, 15, 13) and the 13 year old is a girl… shall I say more on that subject. Once a week my wife and I still find time to go out and look at each other and in a few weeks we will be married 22 years and I am an active member of the United States of America Track and Field Association and a High School soccer official. I know what it is to be busy but I still find time to do those things that I know in the end will benefit my body.

So many have asked me about how I am able to look and feel the way I do. So many want to know my formula and well, now you know it.

(6-8 hours of sleep) + (3 meals) + (no foreign substances in my blood stream) + 2(daily exercise) =
Healthy Life
Try it! It’s never too late.

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